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Our Fluffiest Vintage Fluff Salads (1)

ByGrace Mannon

Taste of Home's Editorial Process

Updated: Apr. 24, 2024

    These fluffy salads that pass as both side dishes and desserts all incorporate marshmallows in some way. Now, that's our kind of salad!


    Pistachio Mallow Salad

    This fluffy pistachio salad is a real treat since it’s creamy but not overly sweet. It’s easy to mix up, and the flavor gets better the longer it stands. It’s perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, served in a green bowl. —Pattie Ann Forssberg, Logan, Kansas

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    Ambrosia Salad Recipe photo by Taste of Home

    Ambrosia Salad

    Because it’s so simple to make, this tropical fruit medley is great as a last-minute menu addition. Plus, this ambrosia salad requires just five ingredients. —Judi Bringegar, Liberty, North Carolina

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    Taste of Home

    Creamy Pineapple Fluff Salad

    Guests of all ages will gravitate to this traditional “fluff” salad, chock-full of pineapple, marshmallows and cherry bits. —Janice Hensley, Owingsville, Kentucky

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    Taste of Home

    Cranberry Waldorf Salad

    Cranberries grow in the coastal area about 50 miles from our home. When they become available, I always make this creamy salad. —Faye Huff, Longview, Washington

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    Taste of Home

    Make-Ahead Creamy Fruit Salad

    We love fruit salads for our holiday dinners. I experimented and came up with this delicious medley—it reminds us of the tropics in the middle of winter! I sometimes add sliced bananas just before serving. Feel free to use your own favorite fruits. —Joan Hallford, North Richland Hills, Texas

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    Taste of Home

    Two-Berry Fluff Salad

    This fluffy salad is a welcome treat on warm Texas afternoons. Because there's a blueberry orchard near our home, we often pick up berries to use in this recipe and others. When blueberries and strawberries aren't in season, you can substitute frozen berries with equally good results. —Karen Wenzel, Conroe, Texas

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    Yum-Yum Salad

    I received the recipe for Amish yum-yum salad from a friend of my mother’s years ago. I always have the ingredients on hand in case I need a quick dessert. Any flavor of gelatin works well, and sometimes I spoon it into individual parfait glasses instead of serving it in one big bowl. Everyone enjoys it. —Yvonne Bellomo, Ebensburg, Pennsylvania

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    Quick Ambrosia Fruit Salad

    I start this with plenty of fruit, add the yogurt for dressing, then mix in just enough marshmallows and coconut so it tastes like the fresh and creamy version I grew up with. It’s a well-loved recipe in my home now. —Trisha Kruse, Eagle, Idaho

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    TMB Studio

    Apricot Fluff

    When we were young mothers, I asked my best friend if she had a recipe for an easy ambrosia salad that I could take to a cookout later that evening. She shared this recipe with me and it's become a must-have at every barbecue I attend. It's sublime with peaches and peach gelatin, too. —Melissa Meinke, Fawn Grove, Pennsylvania

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    Taste of Home

    Peach Bavarian

    Fruit molds are my specialty. This one, with its refreshing peach taste, makes a colorful salad or dessert. —Adeline Piscitelli, Sayreville, New Jersey

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    Delicious Apple Salad

    This yummy fruit salad was a favorite of my great-grandmother’s. My family always enjoys it, and I’m happy knowing it’s good for them, too. —Sue Gronholz, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

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    Apricot Salad

    Colorful gelatin salad adds a spot of brightness to any table. It blends well with this holiday feast. We children didn't know if it should be a salad or dessert, with its smooth texture and delicate flavor.—Fae Fisher, Callao, Virginia

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    Tahitian Fruit Salad

    If you're tired of the same old fruit salad, try this tropical version featuring pineapple, papaya, oranges, mango and more!—Doty Emory, Jasper, Georgia

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    Taste of Home

    Pineapple Pretzel Fluff

    I often bring this salad to potlucks, and everyone goes crazy for the sweet and crunchy combination. Be sure to add the pretzel mixture right before serving to keep it crispy. —Beth Olby, Ashland, Wisconsin


    Banana Split Fluff

    This pretty pink mixture, rich with yummy fruit and nuts, is sure to disappear in a hurry. It’s a sweet and speedy treat that can be served as a dessert or salad. —Anne Powers, Munford, Alabama

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    Candy Bar Apple Salad Recipe photo by Taste of Home

    Candy Bar Apple Salad

    This creamy, sweet salad with crisp apple crunch is a real people-pleaser. It makes a lot, which is good, because it will go fast! —Cyndi Fynaardt, Oskaloosa, Iowa

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    Ambrosia Fruit Salad

    My mom's ambrosia salad, with its tasty combination of fresh fruits and creamy yogurt, is a family favorite, and a great addition to a backyard barbecue. —Colleen Belbey, Warwick, Rhode Island

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    Taste of Home

    Layered Cranberry Gelatin Salad

    Light and tangy, this gelatin is guaranteed to please. Kids go crazy for the marshmallow-cream cheese layer on top. —Irma Senner, Dixmont, Maine

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    Fluffy Cranberry Delight

    This was originally my daughter's recipe, and she or I will make it for one or more of our holiday get-togethers. It can be served as a fruit salad along with the meal or as a light dessert. It's particularly pretty in a cut-glass bowl on a buffet. —Ruth Bolduc, Conway, New Hampshire

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    Frozen Christmas Salad

    My mom’s use of red and green cherries to decorate dishes at Christmastime inspired me to create this holiday dessert mold. It’s cool, creamy and fun to serve guests. —Pat Habiger, Spearville, Kansas. Don’t forget to check out our collection of the best Christmas salad recipes.

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    Green Flop Jell-O

    Get ready for fluffy lemon-lime goodness. My family calls it "flop Jell-O" because most of the time a clear gelatin layer that tastes like lemon-lime soda falls to the bottom of the dish. Try it with any flavor gelatin! —Michelle Gauer, Spicer, Minnesota

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    Vanilla Yogurt Ambrosia

    This simple fruit salad is so yummy. I have served it many times, and it's always one of the first dishes to go. Fat-free vanilla yogurt also works well as the dressing. —Sherry Hulsman of Louisville, Kentucky

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    Cranberry Fluff Recipe photo by Taste of Home

    Cranberry Fluff

    This fluffy fruit salad gets its sweet-tart flavor from cranberries and whipped cream. We like it because it's not as sweet as many other "fluffs." I'm often asked for the secret to this luscious holiday salad. —Lavonne Hartel, Williston, North Dakota

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    Taste of Home

    Overnight Fruit Salad

    I first tasted this rich, old-fashioned fruit salad at my wedding reception many years ago. The ladies who did the cooking wouldn't share the recipe at the time, but eventually I got it. I've made it for many meals, and our daughters copied the recipe when they married. —Eileen Duff*ck, Lena, Wisconsin

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    Fluffy Green Grape Salad

    I received this recipe from a cousin-in-law at a family reunion. Since then, I've brought it to many gatherings myself. We also like to eat it as a dessert.—Kelli Giffen, Barrie, Ontario

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    Creamy Frozen Fruit Cups

    I love to prepare these cool, fluffy fruit cups to give a refreshing boost to many meals. They've been well received at family gatherings and summer barbecues. There's no last-minute fuss since you make them well in advance. —Karen Hatcher, St. Amant, Louisiana

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    Cranberry Ambrosia Salad

    My paternal grandmother used to make this for Christmas dinner. I'm not sure how many batches she made since there were nearly 50 aunts, uncles and cousins in our family. I still make the recipe in memory of her, and it's still as good as I remember. —Janet Hurley, Shell Rock, Iowa

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    Originally Published: December 31, 1969


    Grace Mannon

    Grace is a full-time mom with a master’s degree in food science. She has worked for clients like a bakery, a baby food company and a snack food company. Now a Taste of Home contributor, she curates recipe collections and shares baking techniques. She loves to experiment in the kitchen and writes about her hits (and misses) on her blog, A Southern...

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    Our Fluffiest Vintage Fluff Salads (28)

    Our Fluffiest Vintage Fluff Salads (2024)


    What should I put in my salad to lose weight? ›

    Salad Ingredients With Fiber
    1. Spinach (also a great source of protein)
    2. Mixed greens or slaw mix.
    3. Red or yellow peppers.
    4. Broccoli.
    5. Cauliflower.
    6. Carrots.
    7. Avocado (keep your serving small)
    8. Lima beans.
    Mar 18, 2021

    What are the healthiest ingredients for salad? ›

    leafy greens such as romaine, arugula, kale and spinach. whole grains such as quinoa, brown rice and bulgur. chopped or shredded vegetables such as cucumber, tomato, cabbage, and beets.

    What to add to salad to make it more filling? ›

    Add vegetables
    1. Raw: Shredded carrots, radishes, purple cabbage/cabbage slaw mix, sliced fennel, bell peppers, tomatoes, celery, sugar snap peas or cucumbers.
    2. Cooked: Roasted broccoli, onions, cauliflower, eggplant, mushrooms, zucchini, green beans, Brussels sprouts, or red and golden beets.

    What is a list of salad items? ›

    A typical salad starts with raw greens, such as lettuce, spinach, kale, mixed greens or arugula. However, you can also add several other raw vegetables. Some popular raw veggie toppings include chopped carrots, onions, cucumbers, celery, mushrooms and broccoli.

    Will I lose belly fat if I eat salad everyday? ›

    Salads are loaded with fibres, and when you add a good amount of fibre in your daily meal plan, it can definitely target your belly fat and help it move away faster.

    What to avoid in salad for weight loss? ›

    Crunchy Noodles, Wontons, and Tortilla Strips

    “Crunchy noodles are like eating chips,” says Bonnie Taub-Dix, R.D.N., creator of BetterThanDieting.com and author of Read It Before You Eat It. All they add to your salad are calories (around 120 per half cup) and fat (half of those calories, at around 60 grams).

    What salad is good to eat everyday? ›

    They have the most nutrients. Case in point: Kale and spinach have over 10 times more immune-boosting vitamins A and C than iceberg lettuce. Not a fan of those? Turn over a new leaf: Boston, bibb, and romaine lettuces have a mild flavor, while arugula and watercress have a peppery bite.

    What is the healthiest salad dressing to put on a salad? ›

    Simple balsamic vinaigrette. Balsamic vinegar is full of flavour and olive oil is full of unsaturated fats which, when consumed in moderation, are good for your heart health.

    What can make salad taste better? ›

    Do This to Make Restaurant-Quality Salads at Home
    1. Use the freshest ingredients. Pre-bagged salads may make life easier, but they taste kind of blah. ...
    2. Choose the right lettuce. ...
    3. Add some crunch. ...
    4. Add color. ...
    5. Include protein. ...
    6. Give it some bulk. ...
    7. Mix sweet with savory. ...
    8. Add herbs.
    Jun 27, 2023

    What crunchy things to add to salad? ›

    Toppings like tortilla strips, croutons and nuts offer a pleasant crunch, while creamy, salty cheeses add unique flavor. Of course, meats, beans and tofu add a protein boost, and berries and dried fruits lend a touch of sweetness.

    What cheese to put in salad? ›

    Come in and talk to our cheesemongers — they'll help you find the perfect complement to your salad.
    • Parmesan. ...
    • Large-Curd Cottage Cheese. ...
    • Buffalo Mozzarella. ...
    • Classic Blue Cheese. ...
    • Mitica Drunken Goat. ...
    • Queso Fresco. ...
    • Aged Manchego.

    What are the best nuts for salads? ›

    What Nuts Are Good on Salads?
    • Almonds: The Versatile Superstars. ...
    • Walnuts: The Omega-3 Powerhouses. ...
    • Pecans: Sweet and Buttery Goodness. ...
    • Cashews: Creamy and Crunchy Delight. ...
    • Pistachios: The Vibrant All-Rounder. ...
    • The Bottom Line.
    Jun 27, 2023

    What are the best veggies for weight loss? ›

    We asked dietitians for their thoughts on vegetables that may help with weight loss; here are their top choices.
    • Zucchini. ...
    • Romaine Lettuce. ...
    • Green Peas. ...
    • Kale. ...
    • Spinach. ...
    • Carrots. Victor Protasio. ...
    • Bell Peppers. "Bell peppers are low in calories and high in nutrients. ...
    • Broccoli. Brie Passano.
    Jul 13, 2023

    What is the best lettuce to eat for weight loss? ›

    Dark Leafy Green Vegetables – Super calcium-rich dark leafy greens including kale, spinach, romaine lettuce, chard, collard greens, etc. are ideal for helping weight loss.

    What is a good portion size for salad for weight loss? ›

    For salad and other raw greens, aim for portions that equal about two baseballs. With cooked vegetables like broccoli, each portion should be the size of about one baseball.

    What is the 5 day salad diet? ›

    The goal of this challenge is simple: eat one meal-sized salad every day for 5 days. It can be for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and it doesn't matter what type of salad it is, as long as it's healthy!

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